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2010 ARRL Field Day

I stopped by the Peace River Radio Association’s field day location, so I thought I’d share a few photos I snapped while there:

View 2010 PRRA Field Day at Tropical Gulf Acres

A good looking antenna farm was already up, including dipoles, yagis, a vertical with ground radials and what appeared to be either a log periodic array or a highly directional high gain VHF/UHF antenna. Oh yeah, also a J-pole or two, at least one a solar cell that appeared to be charging a portable station’s battery. Cool.

A crank-up tower, an extended vertical stuck in the ground, wire support lines flang through trees or tied to a tower and supports tied to a chimney.

I saw voice and digital modes operating, no CW though, although I possibly wasn’t there at the right time.

In the short time I was there, I didn’t observe any fever pitch contesting underway. Again, maybe just not during my visit. The entire atmosphere was wonderfully relaxed.

I didn’t know anyone going in, but knew a few before I left. I had an especially interesting ragchew with Tom, N4FOB as I impeded his ability to make PSK31 contacts on his laptop connected to his Yaesu FT897 through an LDG YT100 auto tuner and a thirty-plus foot ground mounted vertical with 4 random length ground radials. Sorry ‘bout that, Tom. Nice rig, and congrats on the contacts you were able to complete while I bent your ear.

Nice array of field work, gang.

Oh, by the way, the boat QTH is working nicely. Worked Balfast, Northern Ireland during what must have been some decent gray line propagation near sunset a couple of weeks ago. Several more shorter range contacts on 40 and 20, and have also been checking into the local VHF Sunshine Net at 0830 local. Just so busy traveling. Need to make more time. But good to see some of the gear operational at last.

73 Gene K0GKJ


One Response to “2010 ARRL Field Day”

  1. Greetings!
    I have REALLY enjoyed your site. You and I seem to have many shared interests, especially amateur radio and sailing. I live just up the coast from you. Thanks for publishing all of this great information!


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