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Mobile VHF/UHF

Since I built my VHF/HF rig (Icom 706MkIIG) into a suitcase for portable ops, my relatively new HT (Yaesu VX-8R) is performing mobile duty on the road. Just got the GPS feature too, so now I can broadcast realtime position data (APRS) as I’m rollin’ down the road.

Looks pleasingly funky, and works pretty darn well too!

Loaded all the repeaters onto the VX8R between here (Punta Gorda) and St. Augustine (romantic B&B weekend with the YL) using Travel Plus for Repeaters software and my VX8 Programmer software. Cool beans! Oh, so easy…

Finishing up the HF rig install on the boat. All that’s left is the backstay (antenna) insulator. Great receive on all bands using the entire sailboat rig (mast, shrouds, etc.) as an antenna, but afraid to hit the tune button until I get the backstay isolated (long wire) from DC ground. Looks pretty good too!

Even the 30A breaker looks like it belongs (ran outa black on white labels, all I had was black on clear, so had to put a piece of white teflon tape behind the label – will replace when I get a new black on white cartridge for the label gun…

ham xyl 006

Speaking of the YL, is this somethin’ or what!  She stole one of my T-shirts, but did it with a smile…

ham xyl 004

73  dit    dit


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