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The “Bug” in Operation

Well, I finally got my modest unprepossessing new forty-eight year old (1962) Vibroplex bug–mostly cleaned up.

vibroplex vids pics 001

Turns out that is painstaking work, cleaning with a Q-tip, isopropyl alcohol and metal polish (Flitz), while keeping track of lots of itty-bitty parts during the take-apart and put-back-together-again-without-screwing-it-up operation.

I tried not to disassemble too much at one time so I was never too distant from its lovely operating condition when I bought it.

But it sure was dirty!

I LOVE the mechanical (not electronic) clacking cadence of this semi-automatic bug (as it’s called after the red bug on the logo plate – beyond that, there are probably more stories of the history of that, but escapes me right now).

Quite the little machine. I’m really enjoying learning this monster! Still rough, but it’s coming… see for yourself in the following video calling CQ…

I’ve been working steadily on  a great code speed-building course by Chuck Adams, K7QO (http://www.kc5cqm.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php?n=Main.K7QOcwCourse). Have been, off and on, for a couple of years. Tried many, this one just keeps progressively building your speed, almost without you being aware of it, but unlike me, you gotta stay with it a little bit every day.

73 dit dit


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