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Condo Rules Rule, Telescope at Local Hamfest

Well, kids, even the 2 meter slim jim (and especially the feedline) must go. I was literally SHOCKED by the intensity of at least one neighbor’s reaction (even though he had never uttered a single word to me personally, he nevertheless felt unabashed at flogging my feedline installation in a public forum).

So be it.

I’m now turning all my energy toward moving the QTH to my own little sacrosanct ship in the harbor. No antenna CC&Rs down there, plus it puts my HF antenna (long wire) that much closer to that wonderful salt water counterpoise. Combined with the masthead marine VHF antenna providing double duty for ham 2 meter, 220 & 440 (including APRS), good to go!

Next month I’ll be able to afford backstay insulators, copper foil and GTO-15 high voltage wire. Then up she goes! Movin the IC746 to the pilothouse, along with my AH-4 tuner, a desk mic, the iambic paddle and my favorite straight key. Yup, then life will be good again, radio boys ‘n girls.

Years past, I have used e-QSL, but found that less than satisfying. So I’ve just received my first hard copy QSL cards (from www.cheapqsls.com):


(sorry ’bout the lousy pic – too lazy to go back and take another – you get the idea – nothin’ fancy, just the basics, but was good fun mailing out a few today, especially the CWs!).

Went to a hamfest in Ft Myers yesterday. Saw an interesting t-shirt there:  “Without CW, its just CB!”

My favorite was, “My wife says if I transmit one more time, she’s leaving me… Over.”

Besides the customary bits ‘n pieces for the junk drawer, got a terrific deal on a motor drive Meade telescope for the XYL’s bday, and got a chance to play with the HT, including en route:

One mobile antenna farm in the parking lot was particularly impressive (notice the TarHeel HF antenna in the foreground – not displayed is a HUGE capacitance hat up top):

This guy (or gal)’s gotta be single or married to a ham:

73 dit dit

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