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Hex Beam Down, But Not Out!

Well, gang, the hex beam is off the roof of the ole condo after an amazing few weeks of really good performance, proximity to the metal roof notwithstanding. I’m now looking for a lower profile HF antenna that the neighbors won’t bitch so much about. Saga continues. Could have resisted removal, but we don’t want to create an antagonistic atmosphere with our neighbors (who all live very close!).

Interesting sidebar: I placed an add on QTH.com, ARRL’s online classifieds, and I bet I had a dozen offers to buy this baby in less than twenty-four hours! The first person to say, “I want it” is getting it (thanks Bernard!) and as soon as his check clears, off it goes to Missouri! I’m sure it will provide many years of great performance there as well.

Been a good run, hex nuts, and when I move out of the condo and into a house where I can finally create that beautiful antenna farm, I’ll have another.

Leo, thanks for your terrific support after the sale, and for your guiding hand on the installation.

73 dit dit

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