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Angry Villagers Prevail – Awesome Antenna Ostracized!

The Condo QTH saga continues…

That’s the headline in the soap opera of this covenant-strangled ham. Sucks, to be sure, but not to worry. Where there’s a will, there’s always a way. So I move the ‘shack’ to the boat. Could be a whole lot worse!

Yes, the antenna must come down from a terrific roof-top location, thirty-eight feet up AGL and within view of a saltwater shore. If you can imagine, someone said it wasn’t consistent with yadda yadda! Clearly at least two unwashed heathens who were so vociferous that our homeowner’s board had little choice but to rescind its earlier approval. So be it.

I’ve appealed to our board’s sense of common decency to remunerate me for unrecoverable installation expenses that amounted to over $500 out of pocket (not including the antenna, rotator, feedline, control lines, of course, since I hope to at least partially recoup from that $1,000 or so).

Speaking of which, an almost new (installed less than a month) hex beam directional antenna (from K4KIO, of course), covering 20, 17, 15 & 10 meter bands), along with a very nice RCA rotator with remote control and 12 memories, is for sale. $575 firm, not including shipping, which is a heckuva a deal for one of you that has more flexibility over the “sky rights” in your neighborhood than me. See posts below for pics…

I’ve turned to a new direction. My new Yaesu VX-8R needed a little help on VHF (2M) with respect to the altitude of its antenna, so I dug up an SMA-to-SO239 adapter to hook it up to my marine VHF antenna, atop my 54.5 foot sailboat mast (after checking resonant frequency and SWR with my antenna analyzer, and found the SWR to be well within acceptable limits for 2m (below the marine VHF band), hooked it up, and works great!

And this is my view from the boat QTH looking WSW toward Cuba, Central America, etc.

NAnd the nice thing about the QTH being on the boat is an awesome saltwater counterpoise from which to launch an HF signal, and it’s movable! Guess that makes me a mobile HF station (again), once I relocate the ICOM 746 and AH-4 tuner, that is.

73 dit dit

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