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First QSO Card at Condo QTH!

Well, in spite of the fact that my hexbeam antenna (and feedline conduit) must come down after only having been up for a matter of days, I’m very proud of making some good contacts. My first QSO card at this QTH documenting a solid voice contact with WB7WNF, Raleigh, in Bonney Lake, Washington State. Not bad with the antenna pointing North, not Northwest, and at just 60 watts. Thanks for the card, Raleigh. response in transit soon (as soon as I get new QSO cards printed!).


By the way, the new Yaesu VX-8R HT is working out pretty well. I love the APRS (automatic position/packet reporting) feature, and being a quad bander (here in the US) is cool, with great scanning features and wideband FM, although I’m a bit disappointed in its transmit range. I live less than 20 miles from the nearest repeater, and yesterday I found it necessary to climb twenty feet up my sailboat mast at the dock just to be clearly heard from that machine! Oh well, guess I’m just not used to HTs yet. I plan on getting an SMA-to-S)239 adapter so I can hook it up to my marine VHF antenna at the top of my 54 foot mast. That should help!

Even though I have a nice Bencher Iambic paddle, I still like bangin’ on my favorite straight key. Picked it up at a hamfest a couple of years ago. Just says “NYNE” on the back. Can anyone help with identification?

Tried unsuccessfully to hit both the 20M QRP and DX calling freqs this morning. Will try to work with the FISTS Sunday slow chat later today…

I really want to make some CW contacts between now and New Year’s Eve Straight Key night before the hexbeam has to come down (long wire, here I come!). So any help here would be appreciated! Any slow (<15 WPM) CW scheds, anyone?


dit dit

de k0gkj

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