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First Non-US Contact… Lots ‘a Listenin’, Some Talkin’ !

November 29, 2009

With filters and chokes hopefully doing their job, preventing interference with my neighbors on the other side of the steel and concrete wall of our condo, I made my first voice transmission at about one third RF power (~30 watts) with Mike (W2YP) in new Rochelle, NY, just north of New York City at 1059 […]

Final Condo Antenna Tests Successful !

November 29, 2009

Antenna is now not only up, but leveled and debugged! Took some effort to get to this point, however. You might find interesting what I found after initial installation… Guess what… I put the MFJ-269 antenna analyzer on the station (“shack”) end of the feed line from the hexbeam antenna, and was shocked to watch […]

Condo Beam is Up! Testing Soon!

November 25, 2009

Well, long time comin’, but the antenna is on the roof ! Still some adjustments to element wire and cord tension, as well as plumbing to better vertical orientation, not as high above metal roof as I’d like, but the ole MFJ-269 antenna analyzer will determine whether I’m having a SWR nightmare or a wet […]

Feedline is IN !!

November 17, 2009

Ok, for those of you who live in a house in a non-deed restricted neighborhood, or have your own acreage with flexibility to put up whatever type of wet dream antenna farm you desire, as high and as bold as you please, this may not seem like a big deal. If you’re living in a […]

Anatomy of an Antenna Feedline

November 15, 2009

Now that I have approval to install an antenna on the roof of our condo building, careful construction of the feedline(s) and control lines from roof to apartment should enable me to do this just once as access to the (~flat) roof is quite restricted – for good reasons. By the way, since I’m expecting […]

After Four Years, Condo Antenna Approved!

November 11, 2009

“This is the first such request to come before the Marina South Shore Condominium Association and to be approved since our inception in 1981, so there’ s not likely to be a ‘run on the bank’ for a proliferation of such requests in the future! ”     After four years of lobbying, I’m finally good […]