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Station Reconfigured, Antenna Setback

Rearranged shack for more efficient access to fronts and backs of all gear. Now have actually have a dedicated (albeit small) room for the station. Love it!

closet radio shack 002

closet radio shack 004

closet radio shack 023a

closet radio shack 013

closet radio shack 024

closet radio shack 025

closet radio shack 008

With an entirely separate space to leave all my “ugly stuff” out in the open (some XYLs are less tolerant than others), I’ve relegated the “hamoire” to my junk drawers and the ham library:

ham library 001

It now appears there’s an additional rub on my hex beam antenna on the condo building roof (three story building, second story shack).

The home owner’s board, despite the description in the presentation forwarded to them for approval, assumed that the antenna would not protrude above the top of the mansard wall surrounding the roof. Since that wall is solid metal, there would have been serious capacitative coupling isssues.

So ratification of the approval I received this summer has been tabled until the November board meeting. I plan to walk the intended installation around to each of the key board members (again) in hopes of resolving the remaining visibility issues.

I believe it will boil down to whether our community wants to have an emergency communication and command post for disaster preparedness and recovery, along with the ability to contact some of our troops abroad, OR NOT! (I’m the only ham in 123 units within our complex).

Watch this space!

de K0GKJ

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