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New (to me) Rig & Station Gear!

I’m sure some if not many of you who have been around ham radio for awhile have had that delightful experience of getting a whole box full of gear from someone who had left the hobby for whatever reason (hopefully, not a silent key). It’s like Christmas!

While visiting my brother-in-law in Texas, he made it known that he’d been out of the radio hobby for enough years to finally (emotionally) be ready to part with his box full of gear. And Mikey (AG1N) has some nice gear, despite the fact that he shed some of it before starting an almost four year full-time RV experience.

Now that they’re settled into a retirement community in Texas, and have moved on to other pursuits (sustained interest in anything is not one of Mikey’s attributes), he sold the entire boxed-up station (less antenna), books, filters, peripherals, digital interfaces, cables, etc., to me, all for an extremely reasonable price. Quite the package deal.

I’ll post a few pics once we return to our Florida QTH and receive the three large and heavy boxes (cost $190 to ship!!!!). As I get ready to hire a guy to install the mounting bracket on the roof for my hexbeam (gotta be Hurricane Category 4 (up to 140 MPH) certified, I’ll also be moving the shack to a more XYL-friendly location in the condo (a large walk-in closet with cable, power and an exterior wall). Then I’ll take a few pics of my more secluded (and private) shack, more suitable for 24×7 operation.

But here’s a short list of hardware goodies I scored this week:

  • Icom 746 HF/VHF transceiver with optional CW & SSB filters – very good shape
  • Icom SM-8 desk microphone with dual inputs (very nice unit – virtually never used)
  • Diamond 40A (continuous) Switching Power Supply (GZV4000) with a plethora of output possibilities
  • a low pass filter (by ParaDynamics)
  • a large Pelican equipment case (APP-1550) that might make one heckuva “go box”!
  • Rigblaster Plus for PSK31, etc.
  • 300 watt dummy load
  • a bag of split toroids for solving RFI issues
  • an antique frequency counter
  • an antique mil-spec field strength meter
  • an excellent (reportedly) notch/peak filter for SSB/CW/Data by JPS (NRF-7)
  • an old (hamfest-procured) Heathkit “reflected power and SWR bridge” (!)
  • portable wall-wart style power adapter with various voltages and plugs
  • headphones, connecting cables, spare coax cables with connectors, etc.

as well as the bulk of his ham radio library, at least the twenty or so books and a few software CDs that I didn’t already have. Cool stuff!




RF Exposure and You


The New Shortwave Propagation Handbook


Frequently Asked Questions


The ARRL Antenna Book, 19th Addition


Icom Amateur Radio Band Plan (2)


HF Antennas for All Locations, 2nd Edition


Ham Radio FAQ


Joe Carr’s Loop Antenna Handbook, First Edition


Where do we go Next?


The Amateur Radio Vertical Antenna Handbook, 2nd Edition


FCC US Amateur Part 97 Rules & Regulations, May 2001


Ham Desktop Reference, 7th Edition


Radio Amateurs World Atlas


Everything You Forgot to Ask About HF Mobileering, 3rd Edition


Worldwide Shortwave Listening Guide, 2001, 3rd Edition


The Modern Amateur’s Mobile Handbook, 19




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