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A Sad Loss of My 40 Meter Hustler

I’m sorry to report that my relatively new 40M Hustler HF antenna has gone missing in action. Somewhere during my commute to work on the boat at the ship yard, an hour each way, the base of the mount snapped, leaving my hapless antenna mast, resonator and whip in a ditch somewhere. Now, every morning, I’m scanning the ditches in a last ditch attempt to recover that stick.

At least I got a picture of it before it went missing. Didn’t even complete the ground to the frame before making contacts, but at least got to use it as a receive antenna on the trip.

 hitch mount 2 006

hitch mount 008

Bought it at a hamfest in the Chicago area, and it survived a two thousand mile road trip from there to Minnesota to SW FLorida before leaping off my new custom-fabricated hitch mount, which now looks forlorn with no antenna on it:

hitch mount 005

Guess this is why folks use a spring mount, huh? Not having one must be like driving a car without shock absorbers. Expensive lesson learned. Guess I’ll focus on 2M mobile operation again, and get on the HF bands at the base QTH. (can’t afford another mobile HF antenna for awhile, says the XYL). Great fun to break up the morning drive here by checking into the 2M Sunshine Net and the SW Florida Traffic Handling Net each morning via one of the local repeaters. There’s always two meter!

73 de k0gkj dit dit


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