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A “Hamoire”!

The XYL has levied a challenge to get “all that radio stuff” out of sight, even as I’m erecting a hex beam on the roof of our condo building. Hide the shack. Tough, right? Well, maybe not. Check this out…

So you guys have heard of an armoire, right? A tall standing cabinet for storing clothes, or whatever? Basically a freestanding closet. Well, the original French meaning of the word was “a large wardrobe or cabinet; originally used for storing weapons”. So here’s the deal.

We have this old armoire in our spare bedroom (also our office, radio shack, sewing room, library, etc.) full of “stuff”, including my treasured junk drawers.

So my challenge is to take all this cool communication “weaponry” (not very neatly organized on its temporary shelving)…

 coon hamoire boat 013

and somehow get it all it into this thing:

coon hamoire boat 015

Shouldn’t be too hard.

Note the light tan slab of wood which used to be an extra kitchen cabinet door, now attached to the front of the armoire with a piano hinge and seventeen tiny brass screws. This is intended to be my operating desk when swung down. When I need access to the drawers below, it swings up and out of the way. I’m thinking the toughest challenge will be to feed wires (neatly) from inside the armoire out to the operating desk (with the doors closed). She doesn’t want me to hack it up as she might want to revert it to original function some day (huh?)… I may just have to set the op stuff and their umbilicals inside the doors before closing up shop. Hey! That could work! So I just snag the key(s), paddle and desk mic, cram ’em inside, close the entire affair. Outa sight, outa mind (except for yours truly and the interested house guest!).

coon hamoire boat 018

When the desk is down, I’ll have a good deal of space up top for storing station equipment, reference books, etc.

coon hamoire boat 019

Note this is just a bunch of good stuff stored in there right now. Next, empty it out tonight, inventory all the good stuff, chuck the bad (not much!), and pack the station into the top half and treasured junk box into drawers below.

By the way, the bifold doors swing open to reveal lots of great “wall space” on their back (inner) sides for band plan charts, zone maps, QSL cards, and other station essentials… maybe I’ll add some cork and stick pins. Always a nice touch.

I’m looking forward to this challenge, that is, given the constraint “…and don’t tear up the rest of the house in the process!”    😉  Can do, Babe!

I call it a “hamoire” !! (patent pending–yeah right!) Catchy, no?

73 de k0gkj dit dit

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