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Pitching a 22 foot diameter beam antenna to a condo board!

Well, gang, I finally figured out how to post a PDF file to this blog, which means I can share with you the stealth antenna presentation to our condo home owner’s board. Even if this isn’t directly relevant to you, you might find it interesting how one cave dweller achieved a very difficult task. Now all I have to do is complete the installation, avoid criticism by sticking to the constraints levied, and deal with any incidental barefoot RFI (< or = 100W). I’d be delighted to be operating, even if I have to go QRP!). Besides, I think the beam will be up to it, from what I’ve heard.

And this entire presentation, including conversion from Power Point to PDF, was made without investing in Microsoft products. How, you might ask (if you don’t already know)?

First, I downloaded the FREE open office suite of desktop applications at www.openoffice.org (power to the people!). Their version of MS PowerPoint (compatible with it too!) called simpress has a PDF export function. Very cool.

Then, I used a free PDF hosting service at www.freepdfhosting.com. It’s free as long as your PDF document is less than 2MB (my pitch was only 763KB), and here’s the key point, will only be retained for 30 days, BUT if you make (any) donation, these constraints evaporate! I donated ten bucks, but I plan to use this nice service more.

Well, this QTH should provide some decent DX. I’m at grid EL86xs which is within a few hundred yards of a saltwater shore (Charlotte Harbor), ten miles across this harbor from the Gulf of Mexico, and the antennas will be up about 40-45 feet (rooftop) with a very clear view of the horizon in all directions except for a highrise to the southwest. We’ll see.

73 de Gene dit dit

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