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Hamoire – Part Two

August 26, 2009

Remember my telling you I need to be extremely stealthy, both inside the condo as well as outside on the roof? Enter the armoire converted into a “hamoire”. Well, I added another objective to this project. I want to rip the guts of this hidden station right out by the roots and take it on […]

A Sad Loss of My 40 Meter Hustler

August 22, 2009

I’m sorry to report that my relatively new 40M Hustler HF antenna has gone missing in action. Somewhere during my commute to work on the boat at the ship yard, an hour each way, the base of the mount snapped, leaving my hapless antenna mast, resonator and whip in a ditch somewhere. Now, every morning, […]

A “Hamoire”!

August 21, 2009

The XYL has levied a challenge to get “all that radio stuff” out of sight, even as I’m erecting a hex beam on the roof of our condo building. Hide the shack. Tough, right? Well, maybe not. Check this out… So¬†you guys have heard of an armoire, right? A tall standing cabinet for storing clothes, […]

Base Station VHF Copper Slim Jim Antenna Construction Complete

August 15, 2009

Tonight I put the finishing touches on the two meter copper tube slim jim (“slim” for its narrow form factor, and “J.I.M.” for “J-type Integrated Matching). Supposed to have about 6db gain over a 5/8 wave or groundplane antenna due to its small take-off angle which gives it extra punch, I guess. Can’t wait to […]

Pitching a 22 foot diameter beam antenna to a condo board!

August 11, 2009

Well, gang, I finally figured out how to post a PDF file to this blog, which means I can share with you the stealth antenna presentation to our condo home owner’s board. Even if this isn’t directly relevant to you, you might find it interesting how one cave dweller achieved a very difficult task. Now […]

Antenna Construction

August 9, 2009

Hi kids! Well, the base station here in SW Florida is still under construction (condo rules – now have approval for antenna on roof, so progress!). Also relocating the shack from our guest bedroom (one of only two in this apartment) to a large (6×16) walk-in closet where the XYL will allow me more “artistic […]